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Ultra Electronics USSI

Latest News

156 dB Output of HyperSpike® HS-18 Acoustic Hailing Device Extends Communication Range

Columbia City, IN (April 13, 2011) – With recent acoustic and amplifier advancements in HyperSpike® sound dispersion technology, Ultra Electronics USSI is proud to announce that the popular HS-18 acoustic hailing device’s output has increased to 156 decibels, an increase of 3 dB from the original model. Without forfeiting intelligibility and maintaining the most compact enclosure in its class, the HS-18 improvements have extended the communication range to over 3 kilometers (1.8 miles). Beating all other competitive devices on the market, the increase in sound pressure level will further enable security personnel to safely communicate at range, penetrate through high background noise and establish the intent of targets at safer distances.

The 20” diameter x 15” depth carbon fiber HS-18 acoustic hailing device has the smallest enclosure and surface area measurement in its class. Similar to the earlier HS-18 model, clear, intelligible commands and authoritative messages are broadcast to intended targets with an exceptional intelligibility rating of 0.96 out of 1.0 on the Speech Transmission Index (STI).

Like the original HS-18 model, the improved HS-18 is equipped with the Opti-Port™ equipment bay. Located in the center of the acoustic hailing device, the Opti-Port is the optimal enclosure for sensor equipment placement. With sensors inherently centered with the audio beam, no additional centering maintenance is required. Easily configured with an optional video camera or other mission-critical sensors, the HS-18’s Opti-Port gives security personnel additional time and valuable information to evaluate the potential threat.

Ultra Electronics USSI is the global and innovative manufacturer of Hyperspike® products which are battle-proven and successfully deployed throughout the world for military and commercial applications. Highly intelligible, compact and rugged, acoustic communication systems, the ever expanding portfolio of products are being are used in diverse applications such as military security, Public Safety, perimeter protection, commercial maritime security, advanced warning & notification, border and port security, fire services and more. HyperSpike® – Sound that Moves