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Ultra Electronics USSI

Latest News

IPS Securex® Announces Further Sales of the HyperSpike Product Line of Acoustic Hailing Devices

Singapore, Singapore (April 13, 2011) - IPS Securex Pte Ltd, one of the South East Asia’s leading security systems integrators, has been awarded further contracts for the innovative HyperSpike® product line of acoustic devices. The most recent project is for the supply of 30 HyperShields as part of a package of law enforcement equipment for a National Police Force in South East Asia.

With unique, patented and proprietary HyperSpike® technology, the HS family of acoustic hailing devices (AHD) products manufactured by Ultra Electronics in the USA is the ideal sound reinforcement solution for communicating over long distances and penetrating through high background noise environments. These AHDs are highly intelligible, ruggedized, long range directional and omni-directional. Being deployed world-wide, the ever expanding portfolio of products are used in diverse applications such as naval and commercial maritime security, military base perimeter protection, advanced warning and notification, border and port security, law enforcement, crowd control, mass notification, fire services and more.

Using HyperSpike technology, the HyperShield is the only personal riot shield on the market to combine non-lethal acoustic deterrence with a lightweight, portable, carbon fiber riot shield. With 140 dB of acoustic output, the HyperShield easily penetrates high noise environments and helps create a safety perimeter stand-off of 50 m with crystal clear commands, authoritative messages and piercing alert tones. The quick release carrying system allows either forearm to maneuver the lightweight 16 lbs (7.3 kg) HyperShield  and apply the intense 2 kHz alert tone which instantly notifies and commands attention from the intended target, allowing the officer to take control of the situation.

Richard Stuart, IPS Securex Managing Director commented: “More and more customers are recognizing that the Hyperspike® technology provides increased performance and reliability compared to other competing products.”