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Ultra Electronics USSI

Latest News

Ultra Electronics USSI Launches Wireless HyperSpike Functionality

Columbia City, IN (May 17, 2011) – Ultra Electronics USSI, manufacturer of the innovative HyperSpike® acoustic hailing devices and mass notification equipment, is pleased to announce a new addition to the ever-growing product line. In an exclusive partnership with VMI, the HyperSpike Remote Control Module (RCM) provides wireless capability to all HyperSpike acoustic hailing devices up to 500 meters. The new IP67 rated RCM’s OLED menu display allows the user to select up to five operating modes: live microphone, delayed microphone, MP3, Auxiliary and wireless mode.

Designed as an easy add-on module, the battle-tested HyperSpike®RCM provides the functionality of a HyperSpike device at a remote safe distance.

Pre-recorded messages are stored to the built-in 4 GB MP3 player and transmitted when MP3 mode is selected. With a built-in anti-feedback circuit, squelching or feedback from a live microphone is minimized, providing safety to the operator and the listening area. Using a 2.4 GHz frequency agile transmitter, messages are wirelessly transmitted to the receiver module located with the HyperSpike unit.

About VMI

VMI is an international leader in the development of sophisticated systems that create, manage and transmit information critical to its customers’ principal operations. As a custom electronic systems integrator VMI has received numerous accolades over the past 4 decades including SBA's Prime Contractor of the Year Award and features on 60 Minutes, ABC News, Fox News, and CNN Espanol. Providing solutions to the U.S. Military and NATO for the past 20 years, VMI has supplied more portable loudspeaker systems to date than all competitors combined.

About Ultra Electronics USSI

Ultra Electronics USSI is the global and innovative manufacturer of Hyperspike® products which are battle-proven and successfully deployed throughout the world for military and commercial applications. Highly intelligible, compact and rugged, acoustic communication systems, the ever expanding portfolio of products are being are used in diverse applications such as military security, Public Safety, perimeter protection, commercial maritime security, advanced warning & notification, border and port security, fire services and more. HyperSpike® – Sound that Moves