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Ultra Electronics USSI

Latest News

Strong Hyperspike Sales to US Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard continues to purchase Hyperspike Acoustic Hailing devices from Ultra USSI in the first quarter of 2009.  The US Coast Guard has purchased and fielded units that are deployed at various locations around the world.  The product of choice for the USCG application is the Hyperspike-24 Acoustic Hailing Device (HS-24).

The HS-24 is the middle range model of the Hyperspike series.  At 29.4” (0.75m) width, a total fully configured weight of 91 lbs (40.9 kg), and 153 dB acoustic output, the HS-24 is the leader in its class of Acoustic Hailing Devices.  With its unique and proprietary Hyperspike™ technology, the HS-24 creates more acoustic energy and less destructive interference than its competitors.

The HS-24 is the only device in its class that is one piece, completely self-contained.  It can go from its road case to fully operational in under two minutes.  Its electronics package can be removed and replaced in the field in less than 20 minutes.  The HS-24 typical current draw in normal voice use is 1.5 amps @ 110-120vac. It achieves a front lobe of 153 dB while maintaining an operator safe back lobe of 92 dB.

The US Coast Guard operates the HS-24 in the Persian Gulf and regularly reports voice and tone ranges out to 1km.  Not only is it very powerful at 153 dB, it has an STI rating of 0.85 (out of 1.0) insuring faithful reproduction of its 375-18kHz bandwidth.