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Ultra Electronics USSI

Latest News

New HyperCart™ Provides Everyday Warfighter with Mobile Power for Acoustic Hailing Devices Columbia City, IN (June 28, 2011) – Ultra Electronics USSI, manufacturer of the innovative HyperSpike®acoustic hailing devices and mass notification… Read Article Ultra Electronics USSI Launches Wireless HyperSpike Functionality Columbia City, IN (May 17, 2011) – Ultra Electronics USSI, manufacturer of the innovative HyperSpike® acoustic hailing devices and mass notification… Read Article 156 dB Output of HyperSpike® HS-18 Acoustic Hailing Device Extends Communication Range Columbia City, IN (April 13, 2011) – With recent acoustic and amplifier advancements in HyperSpike® sound dispersion technology, Ultra Electronics USSI… Read Article IPS Securex® Announces Further Sales of the HyperSpike Product Line of Acoustic Hailing Devices Singapore, Singapore (April 13, 2011) - IPS Securex Pte Ltd, one of the South East Asia’s leading security systems integrators, has been awarded further… Read Article Strong Hyperspike Sales to US Coast Guard The United States Coast Guard continues to purchase Hyperspike Acoustic Hailing devices from Ultra USSI in the first quarter of 2009. The US Coast… Read Article Hyperspike Sales in Asia Ultra USSI announced today the sale of the popular Hyperspike HS-24 into Thailand and Singapore. These sales are the result of marketing efforts at… Read Article Ultra USSI Now Accepting HS-16 Orders Columbia City, IN – Ultra Electronics – USSI announced today that they are now taking production orders for the new HS-16 Acoustic Hailing Device… Read Article US Border Patrol Chooses Hyperspike The United States Border Patrol has purchased the HS-24 Acoustic Hailing Device to complement the other border protection assets used to protect the… Read Article Ultra USSI - Wattre Demonstrate New Technology Columbia City, IN – The team of Ultra USSI and Wattre Inc. demonstrated several products including two never seen before. The HS-16 and the MA-3. … Read Article Ultra USSI, Key Wins within the US Navy and US Army Columbia City, IN – Ultra Electronics USSI is pleased to announce recent contract awards for the HS-16, HS-18, HS-Micro, and other related HyperSpike… Read Article